Solid Rubber Mining Tires

SETCO solid mining tires are most advantageous in the mining industry. SETCO solid mining tires do not suffer from premature failures, which have plagued the mining industry in the past. The solid rubber tire is under no pressure whatsoever and therefore in no danger of the tire exploding or blowing out at the slightest puncture. If SETCO solid mining tires do cut or chunk, it simply means you’ve added more traction to the tread. SETCO solid mining tires also will not absorb moisture or deteriorate when damaged like most urethane-foam filled tires do.

Benefits of Solid Rubber Mining Tires

SETCO has the flexibility to custom manufacture solid rubber mining tires to haul the heaviest loads. SETCO Solid Tires can easily change the entire dimensions on solid mining tires by varying the rubber depth for maximum load and carry, and utilize its custom heat dissipating rubber compound that minimizes heat throughout the whole tire to maximize load capacities.

SETCO’s S-Mine Tire

SETCO’s newest design for solid rubber mining tires, the S-Mine tire, has an improved shape and tread design. These solid tires on rims will provide the best traction as well as longevity and productivity. Air holes are molded into the sidewalls of these solid rubber mining tires for a much softer ride.